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The unfortunate aspect of the World Wide Web / internet and all its offshoot services as proposed by Tim Berners-Lee to be based on royalty-free technology system is that it enables "Literally Anyone" to Present a ""Professional Looking"" ""Buy your parts from us"" web site which looks very professional.

The Old horror stories that undermined "The Professional Industry" have now been replaced by New "Never Trust a Car Breaker" are in a great part due to what can only be called “The Micky Mouse £1 Engine / Gearbox / Any other Part Adverts on the Internet” The Find-A-Part name is the best known and most searched for "Vehicle Parts Location" site on the Internet and the many attempts by "People trying to use the Name" have basically been testaments to the power of the name.

During the many years of managing Find A Part all Suppliers / Dismantlers had to provide a genuine Guarantee, Run their business legally and operate in a manner that was Professional. The ultimate objective of this site is to provide Motorists and The Motor Trade with tools to deal with "The Professional Auto Recycling and Vehicle Disposal Industry"

Marketing and promoting The Professional Auto Recycling and Salvage Industry will require my systems to be managed to the same high standards after I finally retire and the plans for this to be put in place are already being put in place.

I am especially pleased with the BVSF (British Vehicle Salvage Directory) and the (Authorised Treatment Facility Directories) this site encompasses and the links to Major Alternative Energy Generation and Environment Resources of Allies 4 Earth form part of a Army of Green people and companies.

With over 2,500 friend and followers of my Facebook Page  (All Environmental) news of updates to this website get spread worldwide very fast.