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The eSalvage service is only available to Trade salvage Buyers and is offered by Glass’s Information Services to enable the sale and disposal of total loss vehicles via the Internet.


The service offers salvage buyers access to an electronic trading environment, enabling sellers of salvage, including insurers to trade over the Internet. The service is configured to allow a full range of trading to take place, from cars to agricultural plant.

Glass’s provide the sellers of salvage with an administration system that captures salvage data from staff and independent engineers. This data includes digital images of the salvage, together with key data such as make, model, mileage, extras, key availability, service history, air bag, deployment, etc.

The seller allocates low value salvage to the nearest salvage agent on a free of charge basis. All other salvage is open for bidding and will remain on the system for a minimum of one and half working days. Buyers of salvage are be able to access this information and bid through eSalvage.

eSalvage displays the close date on each piece of salvage. The system will also give a brief description of the vehicle together with a short description of extras. Further detail and a range of photographs is also available on the system. This enables salvage buyers to review the photographs and select any of these for closer inspection.

Salvage buyers are required to bid for vehicles within their area. Outside of this area bidding is available on any vehicle. A simple search function allows buyers to locate vehicles by area, make and model. On close of bidding the system will update buyers on their success.

The seller communicates with Salvage buyers electronically on a regular basis, giving ‘authority to collect’ notices, and updating vehicles that are cleared for sale. The system provides a suite of management reports. From outstanding bids, to cleared stock and credit limits.

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